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What is the best way to contact us?

1. Chat 

Chat is usually open Monday-Friday from 12am - 5pm. The chat will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen. You can get help with registration, or simply ask any questions you have in the live chat.

2. Email Icon Bottom Right Corner

When chat isn't available, the icon will turn into a mail symbol. You can also use this to get a hold of us. 

3. Email to

When you are emailing us make sure to include the competitor's name


How much are spectator tickets?

  • Adults (18 ) = $15
  • Teens (13-17) = $10
  • Youth (4-12) = $5
  • Ages 0-3 are free


How do I change my weight for an event? 

The only way to change your weight for an event after you are registered is going to Change Weight/Division  (You must change your weight by the Sunday 1 week before the tournament.)

How do I register for an event?

Go to register - find the event you would like to compete in - click youth or adults - fill out the form or login to your Jiu Jitsu World League online account.

Is a competitors list available?

Yes, go to Click the event you are attending and press the "Competitors" tab near the top of the page.

Do we weigh in with gi or no gi?

For all gi tournaments, you will weigh in with your gi on. For all no gi tournaments weigh ins take place with no gi.

How early should I arrive at the arena?

Be at least an hour and a half early.  

When can I weigh in?

You can weigh in up to one hour before your first scheduled match. 

When will I receive my medal?

When your bracket finishes the winners will go directly to the podium. 

What if I don't make weight?

You will be disqualified if you don't make your weight class. We give you until the Sunday before the event to change your weight class. If you think you might not be able to make weight, it is smarter for you to move up one weight class. Change your weight class at Change Weight/Division.

What type of brackets does Jiu Jitsu World League use? 

Our tournaments use double elimination brackets for brackets 4 or above, so if you lose before the finals you can compete again for 3rd place. 

In the case of a 4 man bracket or larger, double elimination is employed. After your first loss (if not in the finals) you can still compete for third place. 

In the case of a 3 man bracket, a round robin system is used.

In the case of a 2 man bracket, the winner is determined by 2 wins out of 3 matches. (If they end both matches in a tie a 3rd match will take place.)

If a fighter is a no show the bracket will continue and consider the no show fighter as disqualified. 

In the case of 12 or more competitors for youth, we split the bracket to provide the best experience for the kids. Otherwise, a single bracket can last up to two hours. This way there are more medals awarded and a better experience for the group of kids. The split is done down the middle by Date of Birth. 

Can I wear a rash guard under my gi?

You are allowed to wear a rash guard under your gi.

If a competitor is put to sleep they are no longer allowed to participate in the tournament. This is non-negotiable.


What if my child doesn't have a match?

If your child doesn't have a match we give three options:

1. Move up a weight class/age division/belt.

2. Credit to another tournament. 

3. Refund for that tournament.

The competitor has until Monday before the tournament to decide what they want to do. We will contact you by email in such an event.

Are parents allowed in the competition area?

Parents Are Not allowed in the competition area. You can watch all matches from the spectator's area. 

Brackets will be released 2-3 days before the tournament.

How can JJWL combine brackets for youth?

- We never combine male and female in ranked matches

- We never combine white belt with any other belt in ranked matches

- If needed we can combine grey/yellow belts for ranked matches pending approval from the parents.

- If needed we can combine yellow/orange belts for ranked matches pending approval from the parents.

- If needed we can combine orange/green belts for ranked matches pending approval from the parents.


- Registration closes on Saturday one week before the event. 

- Last day to make changes is Monday at 5:30 before the event.

- Brackets and schedules are released Thursday before the event. 


(All refund requests must be submitted by email or chat by the time registration closes) 

  1. All refund requests must be filled out by email or chat by the time registration closes.
  2. If you don't have someone in your division.  You will receive an email with your options; move up, credit for a future tournament, or a refund. 
  3. If you are a "no-show" at the tournament, no refund or credit for another tournament will be issued. 
  4. Brackets are subjective to change at the tournament in rare circumstances.
  5. If there is a no show in your bracket and you get 1 match, your bracket is considered completed. 
  6. If there is a no show in your bracket and you get 0 matches, you qualify for a tournament credit. 
  7. To receive a full refund we require notice 1 month before the originally scheduled tournament date. (This is due to the rashguard lead time.)
  8. If you request a refund within the month before the originally scheduled tournament date you can receive the registration fees less the retail rashguard price. (Plus any shipping and handling if applicable.)







In the event of a tie, the tiebreakers are as follows:

1. Most Submission

2. Most Golds

3. Most Silver

4. Most Bronze

5. Most Wins

(Example: Winning a match by points results in 1pt. towards your standings. Winning a match through submission results in 3pts. towards your standings)

*If there is a no show in the bracket you get 1 point for a win. You cannot collect 12 points for a first place match "no-show". 


The points in the world championship are worth twice as much. 




*You cannot earn a first place without a match. 

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