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Southern California Champion

In San Diego California

Saturday, Nov 10th 

Youth. Adults. All Masters.


San Diego City College, Harry West Gymnasium 

1313 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

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Receive $10 Off Final Registration Price

$99 $89 Youth
$109 $99 Adults
Expires After Nov 2nd

2x The Fights

2 out of 3, round robin, and double elimination compete back for third brackets. Twice the fights vs single elimination

Earn 1x the Points

Earn twice the points in the world championship for individuals and teams

Always Runs on Time

The number one priority is to run on time. We ran on time for the last 2 years.

Full Capacity Events

The last 12 events have sold out. Reserve your spot today as we will sell out early

You guys put out a top notch event each and every time

@jjworldleague ran an amazing tournament, every match was on time if not early, we didn't see any coaching arguing with refs, and most important they had a great playlist

Just went to JJWL yesterday in SF with a few people from my team. Very well run, ran on time, organized well, and had a great vibe to it. Very good tournament.

What an amazing event, I had such a great time participating! I'd like to congratulate all of the athletes! @jjworldleague


More than an event, it's an experience...

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